The Toxic Mold Website is a comprehensive guide to information regarding mold, toxic mold, safety, and prevention. Our site also provides toxic mold litigation information for those who have been adversely affected by symptoms of Toxic Mold and exposure in their home, workplace, and elsewhere.

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Community Based Sites

Toxic Mold -Here what others have to say about their experiences with Toxic Mold.

Mold is a tenacious, unwelcome houseguest. It climbs up bathroom walls, invades carpet and infests drywall.

Find out why the staff of California Job Journal feels so passionate about the public health danger of toxic mold.

Mold Remediation and Information

Mold Free - Certified Toxic Mold Inspection & Remediation -Mold Free are certified testers and inspectors for black mold or toxic mold. Serving entire U.S.

Black Mold - An online guide to black mold and mold removal. Symptoms, health risks, cleaning tips, and more.

Mold ID Services -Offers Fast, Accurate, On-site Diagnosis To Protect Families From Toxic Mold.

Mold Consultants -Toxic mold testing, bacteria testing, inspection, assessment, and clean-up specification services that are professionally delivered.

Air Purifiers - Pure Home Air - Unsurpassed germicidal ultraviolet light air purifier technology for industrial, commercial, and home indoor air quality needs. Removes smoke, odors, toxic gases, allergens, mold, and more. No filters to change. No plates to clean. 60 Day Money-back Guarantee.

Mold Lab -Testing laboratory specializing in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) analysis for toxic mold, fungus, bacteria, and other allergens and bioaerosols. Special section for individual home tests and inspections.

American Mold Testing Services -American Mold Testing Services meets your mold removal - mold remediation needs in Connecticut New Hampshire New Jersey New York Massachusetts Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.

Mold Patrol Testing Unit - North Bay, Ontario -We provide environmental technologies in microbial testing, analysis and remediation. Our services are in the interest of human and animal health protection and safety.

Sick Buildings and Toxic Mold -Sick Building Syndrome & Toxic Mold - Symptoms, hazards, remedies, links, and a personal account of the disease from United Healthcare Group, Uniprise, MetraHealth, United HealthGroup in Kingston, NY.

Boone's Restoration: Cleanup & Repair for Mildew, Fire, Water, Storm Damage in the Houston, TX metro area.

Mold-HELP -Info on toxic mold including physicians lists, medical reports and information on medical technology, litigation, attorneys, and remediation.

Mold tech software offers Mold Inspection software and mold inspection certification

Legal Sites

Personal Injury Lawyer Source - Personal injury Lawyers are experienced in wrongful death, auto accidents, trucking accidents, spinal cord injuries and many other types of personal injury litigation. Click here to contact A Personal Injury Lawyer.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys Source - Offers a searchable database of medical malpractice attorneys nationwide. Search by geographic area to find a lawyer specializing in hospital errors or surgical mistakes.


Asbestos Mesothelioma News -Informational site reviewing the hazards of asbestos exposure and the various forms of associated cancers it causes. Resources for contacting a lawyer specializing in asbestos exposure are available.

Vioxx And Celebrex News -Information on the side effects of the arthritis drugs Vioxx and Celebrex, plus lawsuit information and alternative treatment options.

Other Litigation Information..

For information regarding other personal injuries, click here to go to Online Lawyer Source.


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